Happy Trails Happy

All the King's men

Peek a boo I see you

A retirement...of sorts

You Make the Call...Day Off...What Happened

Sunday Fun - Getting Mugged

You Make the Call...Day Off

Rose by any other name...

Where'd who go?

Chronicles Schedule

The PD to FD Translation Book

You Make the Call...Stairway...What Happened

Sunday Fun - The Art of Paul Combs

The light bulb moment

You Make the Call...Man Hole Fire...My Call

You Make the Call - Stairway

He got lucky

You Make the Call - Man Hole Fire

Chronicles of EMS: Episode 2

...and always very curious

Disaster Plan - The last letters you will ever write

Having a bad shift?

He looked OK to me...

EMS 2.0? Well, yes it is a dream.

Haaaaaave you met Ted?

I'm one of the lucky ones

Rain Gutters

Letters in the files are flying today