the Crossover Show - Episode Eighty Eight

Eminence Based Medicine

If You Don't Give Him Insulin He's Going to Die

Lost Cause Strikes Again

the Crossover Podcast - Ep 85 - Florida Cry Baby

"I Can't Breathe!" you keep using those words...

the Crossover Show - 84 - TN Bus Crash

Happy 150th Anniversary San Francisco Fire Department!

Thank You For Your Service?

A Complete Secondary Assessment

the Crossover Episode 81 - Let's Talk Politics!

Aircraft skids off runway, rescue task force ill equipped

Crossover Show - Ep 79 - Do we need so much active shooter training?

How to Ignore Everyone in the Room: Be an Intern

Your Meme is Bad and You're Not One of Us Anymore

Goodbye tarps, I never loved you

The Crossover Episode 76 - Flashback to the Beginning

You found me how?

Less CSI, More Columbo

EMS Festival Standby - You can't just park a car there

the Crossover Show Ep 72 - Florida EMT photo game

A&O vs able to make decisions

Kilted to Kick Cancer Cops vs Firemen

Writer calls for Medics to risk more in shootings, misses the target

What's with the French?

the Crossover - Ep 69 - Twelve Ninety


the Crossover Show - Ep 67 - Traffic Stops and Profiling

Actually, Officer, No.

It Really isn't that hard to try

When Patients Don't Play by the Old Rules

Letters in the File - Oklaloosa Selfies

the Crossover Podcast - Ep 64 - Turning Passion into Retirement

Why Pokemon GO is so much like EMS

Us Against Us

Apathy is worse than absence

So Now I'm Back!

Changes are a-comin'

The Sounds of Silence

I know that feel, Bro

TCS - Ep 59 - SHOOT HIM!

CISD with OK GO part VI